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Get Your Church Website Ready For Christmas - Part 2

This is the second post in a 3-part blog series by Ekklesia 360 user and MonkDev guest author, AJ Fenlason. Each post will provide you with valuable knowledge to help get your church website in gear in time for Christmas.    

With so many new website visitors during this time of year, you want to make sure your website is set up for success. You certainly don’t want to miss the mark at Christmas

You’re busy at Christmas putting the final touches, well on everything. It’s easy to overlook a few small details, like not including your Christmas Eve information on pages people will visit. Don’t let it happen this year. 

New Visitors 

You know the importance of having a new visitor section on your website. Around Christmas people are looking for a church to celebrate with. Before they ever step foot on campus they’ll probably stop by your new visitor section on your website. So why not include your Christmas worship times there? 

Worship Times

Most churches have special worship times on Christmas eve. You also have a place on your site where your worship times are listed. People will visit this page looking for your Christmas Eve worship times, it’s going to happen. 

Contact Us Page

As a last ditch effort people will visit your contact us page to ask what you’re doing for Christmas. Why not greet them with a link so they can find the information they need. 


Another place that is over looked is your websites sidebars. Include a link here and it will show up on multiple pages throughout your church website.

Pro Tip: After Christmas just use Ekklesia360’s revision feature to reset you page.Are there any other places on your website people might go for this information? Share in the comments 

Free Christmas Graphic Bundle 

We would like to lighten your workload by giving you the gift of FREE Christmas Graphics.

Visual content is critical for capturing new visitors' attention, whether on your church website, emails, blog, newsletter, or social media.

Download this pack of free .jpg and .psd files to help promote your Christmas services or events.

Graphics are specially designed for:

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