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Get Your Church Website Ready For Christmas - Part 1

This is the first post in a 3-part blog series. Each post will provide you with valuable knowledge to help get your church website in gear in time for Christmas.   

If you’re like most churches MonkDev serves, then your website will have a high volume of web traffic over the next few weeks. With all these new visitors, you want to make sure your website is set up for success. You certainly don’t want to miss the mark at Christmas. That’s why we’ve created this 3-part blog series "Get your church website ready for Christmas."

Find areas of frustration 

Have you ever visited a website and become frustrated when you couldn’t find something? If so, chances are you didn’t go back again, right? You don’t want to frustrate visitors at Christmas time. The good news is, with web analytics data, visitors tell you exactly what they are looking for, or what’s frustrating them. The first step is to open your web analytics.

1. Change the date range to Dec 1, 2012 to Dec 25, 2012 

2. Navigate to the “Search Terms” report Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms. Here is a list of terms people searched for last Christmas on your website. Chances are visitors will use these same terms this year. 

3. Put these terms into your websites search and experience what your visitors see

Is your Christmas page near the top of search result? Do you have events with Christmas in the title that show up before your Christmas Eve Services? Are there old blog post, articles and newsletters that are showing up in the search results? Could you change something on your homepage so visitors don’t need to use a search result? 

Help people enjoy visiting your website at Christmas

Remove the frustration and help people enjoy Christmas at your Church.

  • Consider adding worship times to your website graphics, especially the rotator on your homepage.
  • Add commonly used “search terms” on your Christmas page.
  • Delete older content that shows up in search results. It might confuse visitors.
  • Use these common “search terms” in your newsletters, bulletins and announcements. 
  • Create a Christmas Eve Frequently Asked Question article or blog post on your website and share it on social media.

Do you want to start using web analytics to reach your ministry goals, but don’t know where to start? We cover analytics and more in our strategy sessions.

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