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Do You Want To Serve Software Or Your Church?

Serve software or churches

Times are changing in the software world. It used to be you’d buy a software CD and install it on your computer. Every few years a new version would come out and you’d decided whether or not the new features were worthwhile to upgrade.

Even today, software companies are installing web-based standalone products for clients. Yet, these methods are being challenged by the rapid growth of Software as a Service (Saas). According to a Gartner Study 60 % of IT departments plan to increase their budgets on SaaS.

What does this mean for Churches?

There are many different software options available for church websites. These options include “build your own” and “SaaS.”

What is Build Your Own?
You create, design, and build your church website using a Content Management Software (CMS). WordPress and Joomla are common examples of build your own CMS.

What is SaaS?
Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) is what we build at Monk Development. Think of it as offering our expertise in Content Strategy and Website Software as a service to you.

With the available options, how do you choose the best one for your church?

We recommend a software that frees up your time and lets you focus on what’s important, your church.

You Have Limited Time

As a church leader you have limited time. It’s important to spend it focused on reaching your ministry goals. You already spend time:

  • In Meetings 
  • Designing Graphics
  • Planning For Worship 
  • Helping Ministries With Projects
  • Visiting Your Church Community
  • ….

This is a small list, but you get the idea. Your time is valuable.

So, what is the best use of that time?

Is Your Time Best Spent Learning Software?

By building your own church website, you are responsible for the software. This isn’t bad, it just means you must know how to:

  • Write code html, CSS, PHP...
  • Update Software and Plugins
  • Troubleshoot Technical Problems 
  • Create New Features
  • Backup your site

Also, software is constantly changing. There are new products, techniques, and code standards coming out daily. That’s a lot to keep up with when you’re on your own.

“I would strongly encourage other churches to use Monk Development because they are the experts at technology and they let us do what we’re good at: the ministry of the kingdom.  Trying to do a quality website in-house means that you have to become an expert in all kinds of things and who has time for that?” ~ Jonathan Rue
Pastor of Joshua House, the twenty-something community of Vineyard Columbus

More Time On Software, Means Less Time For Your Church

Serve the Church or Software

We handle the software and partner with you. You don’t have to worry about the church website going down or backing-up files. Instead, you're free to focus on attracting new visitors, encouraging regular attenders, and growing mature disciples.

Learn how MonkDev can help you spend less time on software and more time serving your church.

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