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Client Spotlight: Communication Web Administrator LaShane Eaglin

In an effort to hear from our current clients and share their story, we will be posting a series of client spotlight interviews. We have so many wonderful clients at MonkDev that use our products in ways to further their mission online, it's time their story is told! This is a post in this series. 

I recently had the pleasure of asking communication team member, LaShane K. Eaglin a few questions about her experience using the Ekklesia 360 CMS and working with Monk Development.

lashaneLaShane manages the diocesan website, design and layout for "Diolog: The Texas Episcopalian" quarterly magazine, graphics for special projects, as well as produces audio and video content at The Episcopal Diocese of Texas. She has been an Ekklesia 360 user for over three years. 

Let's hear what LaShane had to say.


How do you use the Ekklesia 360 CMS?

I use about every module in the Ekklesia 360 CMS. I add events, articles, pages, upload media, add galleries, and interact a little with e-commerce. Our website is crazy because we have all of our 151 churches, all of our ministries (about 20,000), and all of our 63 schools on there. It’s pretty massive.

Then we have 17 institutions and organizations that run their own pages on our site.

To manage this, some things have to be approved before they are published. We have a style guide to help, and most of the things for our style guide are built directly into the Ekklesia 360 CMS on the WYSIWYG. For example it designates what headers people can use, what colors they can use, etc.

What is your favorite feature about the CMS?

I really like the updated rotator layout. I use that on about every page. I also really like how the articles are done. We have different categories because we have about five new articles a day. News is a big deal for us.

Overall, I’ve really liked the content management system. It’s very simple for me to explain how to use when training new people. And, it’s easy for me to keep track of what other people are doing.

Were you involved in the purchasing decision? If so, what led to Ekklesia 360?

There was a team set up to make the final decision on who we went with as our website provider and I was a part of that team.

Now, I’m tasked with staying within my budget for new updates we make to our website, like the new templates we get created with Monk.

What is your experience like interacting with MonkDev?  

I really love working with Chris (MonkDev Customer Advocate), he’s really good at what he does and stays on top of things.

Typically when I send a request to Chris he replies the same day. He’ll let me know that he saw the support ticket and when I should expect a reply back from him.

Most of the time I talk to Chris is because of a new project that we have, like we want a new custom template created.

What custom page templates have you had created?

We have a mission funding project where all the churches come together around different ministries and decide which ministries to fund. People can go and read by filtering through the different ministry categories.

Also, we built a news hub template with Monk. Every two years we have a general convention of all the Episcopal churches in the country. During this convention we set up our own news hub here. This news hub has videos, news articles, national articles, photo galleries, etc. We have people uploading content to the news hub at the actual event, at our office, and at their homes all at the same time. We had a custom template built to accommodate this, and we love it.

We also just revamped our homepage by adding an Instagram feed along with our other social media links.

Have you seen firsthand how your website has attributed to your organization's mission?

Our readership has increased because of the website. We’re able to post new articles, tweet, and facebook them out all at the same time. We love to do this! People get that tweet and it sends them directly to our website. From there, they’re able to see other articles we have. We love that.

I have to say that people comment all the time about our website and how much they love it. Part of that is the way we’re managing the content on our website but the other credit goes to the people at MonkDev that helped me build all these pages. People love it. 

Would you recommend us to other churches? If so, why?

Actually, we recommend Monk all the time. 

Part of the reason we recommend MonkDev is because the system is already set up and it’s user friendly. I honestly can’t understand how you could mess it up. I also think it’s the relationship that I’ve built with the staff at Monk.

 (NOTE: LaShane was not compensated in any way for this interview.)

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