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Avoid These 4 Common Website Strategies

Everyone has a web strategy, whether they realize it or not. Success, however, hinges upon having an effective strategy. A great place to start is by looking at what not to do. Here are 4 church website strategies to avoid at all costs:

1. The Hoarder Strategy

The Hoarder Strategy

Like the name suggests, this strategy usually involves cramming as much content on the website as possible and never getting rid of any of it. Blogs haven't been updated in years, events remain on the site that happened many moons ago. Nothing goes and everything stays. The hope is visitors will find what they need among the mass of content on the site.

The result: visitors come, get confused, leave.

2. The Design Cart before the Content Horse Strategy

Cart before the Content

A staple of bad church websites, this strategy involves prioritizing the design & functionality of the website over the actual content of the website. Subscribers of this strategy fail to see that visitors aren't coming to their site for design and functionality, they are visiting to interact with content that is useful to them.

The result: an awesome looking website (sometimes) that isn't accomplishing anything significant.

3. The Skymall Strategy

The Skymall Strategy

Disciples of the skymall strategy are enticed by every flashy design, gadget and tool that comes their way. Web projects are started on impulse without any data or clear picture of what success looks like for each initiative. Also, they usually fail to see what type of resources go into maintaining each initiative. Because everything can become a priority at any moment, there are no priorities.

The result: a website with a lack of focus and no filter for priorities. 

4. The Mobile, Schmobile Strategy

The Mobile, Schmobile Strategy

You don't have to do much googling to realize the mobile revolution isn't a future thing, it's a present thing. More and more users are relying on getting content on the go from their mobile devices. The mobile, schmobile strategy disregards all of the data and completely bypasses planning for mobile visits.

The result: mobile visits literally, "bounce" (leave the site without interacting with it).

While this article is written to address these strategies in a humorous way, the results of implementing the above strategies are anything but funny. Each visitor is a real person searching for something. Not planning to effectively nurture each visitor means they are coming, looking and leaving.

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