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3 Church Webpages You Might Not Have But Need

Providing a valuable website to your congregation is essential in today’s technological age. Churches are spending a lot of time to make sure they can communicate clearly and provide valuable resources to their congregation. Sermons, events, and ministry pages are all common features of a church website. But, what are some of the pages heavily used by the congregations, that churches don’t typically have? Here are a few of the church website pages you didn’t know you need, but you just might.


When King’s Harbor Church launched their website, they were surprised by the results. The #1 visited website page (after the home page) was their Haves and Needs page (essentially a public classifieds). “This blew me away,” said Bryan Collins the Director of Communication at Kings’ Harbor Church. Today, Bryan seeks to invest more into this experience, realizing how valuable it has been to the community.


Why this is valuable: This page brings people back to the website on a regular basis.  It shows the church can meet the simple needs of the community.  It decentralizes the needs/have function so ministry leaders can point people to this page creating a community setting instead of putting the needs/have management solely on the shoulders of the church staff.



Churches run by the loving service of volunteers. How do you help people find ways to serve? Have a great volunteer page. Here are two examples of churches that let people find a place to serve. Congregants can search for opportunities or filter based on their interests.


(Also check out Worship Center's volunteer page.)

Why this is valuable: People often don’t know of all the opportunities, but as they are visiting the website they can spend more time looking at ways to serve to get involved. It reduces the ‘friction’ of managing this process of sign-ups manually.


Small Group Resources 

“We are a church of small groups” is a common refrain from the church leaders we meet with. When we talk through what the small groups go through, some times they follow along with the sermons but often small groups are left on their own to find the resources for their groups needs. Eagle Brook recently decided that they would like to better equip these leaders with recommendations. We are building in a fantastic filter tools so small group leaders can sort based on Categories, Staff Picks, Author, Prep Work required, Formats, # of sessions and whether it is available for pick-up at the church library. What a great tool!


Why this is valuable: A lot of congregations give their small group leaders the ability to select whatever curriculum they want for their groups. However, this can be an overwhelming task and can lead to small group leaders not knowing the best resources to assist their group. Having a page like this will help guide your leaders to choose the best resource for their small group’s needs. 

Link: We are actively working on this page and it will be live in a short time.

More Custom Layouts

These are just 3 of the web pages we’re seeing churches start to use with great effect.  We are actively working on a few more custom layouts to help churches accelerate ministry and solve ministry problems.  Let us know in the comments below if there is a custom layout you’d like to see us build in the future. We’d love to hear from you!

Do you want to accelerate ministry or tackle challenges?  Contact our team of experts at MonkDev to learn how we can serve your church.

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